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If you feel passionate about an SAP theme and want to exchange experiences and ideas you host a BOF session. I would like to stress again, that you don't need to have all the answers, the importance is to get the dialog started and together find solutions or hacks.

Here is the lineup for the sessions of the Community Day in Las Vegas. In the order they were put into the wiki:

1. Co-Innovation on SDN and BPX. Status and further development.
Hosts: Wulf Vogler Manger Co-Innovation Center  Palo Alto
Andre Fonseca, ES Community, Mark Finnern.

I posted this BOF to kick off the wiki page. Would have dropped it for sessions from the community, but then people signed up showing their interest and I got Wulf Vogler who heads the new Co-innovation Lab in Palo Alto and Andre from the ES Community team to join me. Therefore it is a quite interesting mix and I can't wait for your ideas regarding improving co-innovation in an SAP environment. I am sure friends from ASUG that are joining us have some stories to tell.

2.  Unicode Free-For-All  Covers MDMP, TU-UC and more
Host: Jim Spaeth (ASUG BITI)
I remember from my consulting days, that as soon as you have to deal with double byte languages like Chinese or Japanese Unicode was a requirement or solution for that problem. I am sure Jim will share some war-stories.

3. Customizing ESS/MSS on ERP 6.0 - What skills do I really need? 
Host: Chris Hanshew  (ASUG - BITI)
The ASUG folks where the first ones to step up to the BOF plate. Excellent. I am really looking forward to the collaboration of our communities.

4. Workflow for Suits
Host: Susan Keohan (ASUG - BITI)
I signed up for that one, although judging from last year's experience I am lucky if I can participate in half a session. Workflow is fascinating as there are so many ways within an SAP system to do the event -> ping -> next event flow. That Susan is focusing on the Geek Suit gap makes it double interesting.

5.  New Data Archiving Functionality in ECC 6.0
Host:  Karin Tillotson (ASUG - BITI)

6. Tuning SAP NetWeaver performance - Tips and Tricks
Host: Federico Babelis
Federico actually offered two sessions. This one was the more requested one. As we have more sessions in Las Vegas than slots, the first ones we cut were the ones where contributors would host more than one.

Craig was also kind enough to take his Twitter meets NetWeaver session off the table. He promised to post a blog about it and if there is enough interest will do a session at the SDN Knowledge Table in the clubhouse.

7. SDN and BPX on a Joint MissionHost: David Lincourt 
I just love it when the host has created a SDN and BPX on a Joint Mission describing what his session is about. Thanks David.

Please contact Marilyn directly if you want to know: How to Maximixe your SDN/BPX experience - How n00bs can find their way around. As Craig Marilyn made room for the other hosts, but is always willing to do a session during the clubhouse.

8. Providing and Consuming Enterprise Services in ABAP/Java utilizing ESR       PI/BPM      
Host: Prasad Illapani
Prasad is also someone who offered two sessions. This one was the more popular.

9. Taking Charge of Information Broadcasting in BI 7.0      
Host: Pravin Gupta If I am not mistaken his wife Bhanu has signed up for this one already, as I know Bhanu, they probably will tag team.

10. The absolute, undeniable, underestimated need for SAP Organisational Change Management      
Host: Paul Wilson      
I would stress underestimated. The success of your project is directly correlated to how good you manage the changes that the implementation brings. People fear change, even if it improves their work.

11. Vox BI Populi, or our (BI people) feedback to SAP: what we want to be changed / improved / fixed / added in SAP NW BI (see this weblog  as an example)
Host: Vitaliy Rudnytskiy       

12. How to keep your/your development team's technical skills up to date (open discussion on approaches not a technical presentation).
Host: Thomas Jung      

13. What makes SDN tick: SDN is the biggest SAP Portal Implementation in the world. Come here to find out about SDN's Landscape, Architecture, Development processes and team Structure.
Host: Ran Cliff
Most of you probably don't even know that Ran is the head of the SDN and BPX platform team. He and his team are the one that are testing the limits of EP, KM, Trex, Jive integration, ... on a daily basis. He doesn't come out and present very often, this session is for sure one that you shouldn't miss if you are interested how we are able to run this active community on NetWeaver.

14. RIAs in ABAP - Community Driven Developments Dan McWeeney 
Rich Internet Application with Demo Jam winner Dan McWeeney and a who is who of SDN Top Contributor having signed up. This is one of the RedMonksessions. Redmonk is an analyst group that offered to do a track to help us bring a more outside perspective to the event. I like their insights and this will be one of the highlights of the day for sure.

15. Ok Tim Allen, what tools should you really have in your BPX Tool Belt ? Visual Composer, Aris , Solution Mgr, SAP Reference Enterprise Architecture Framework, Web Dynpro ?
Host: Paul Taylor from Kraft Foods. I met Paul last year at the Las Vegas airport after TechEd. He used to work for SAP I think it was Supplier Relationship Area and has a team that is defining and implementing business processes for Kraft Food. Regarding BPX he is living it day by day, so to get the lowdown from a pro what tools to use when is exciting.

16. Visual Composer - You think you know....      Dafna Yanay      

17. Detroubulator version 1.1: New features in the open source unit test tool for SAP XI mapping programs. Also, bring your suggestions for making Detroubulator even more useful.
Host: Thorsten Søbirk 
We are very proud that the Detroubulator was introduced to the world at last year's SDN Day in Vienna. Time to check in what is new in the unit testing world.

18. SAPlink - brainstorming/coding session for SAPlink suggestions and feature requests for the future.
Host: Ed Herrmann
One of my favorite community projects coming out of SDN: SAPLink. What is missing? What can you cook up with Ed during this session?

19. Adobe AIR  - Deploying rich internet applications on the desktop - Discuss opportunities and challenges of rich clients in enterprise environments
Host: Matthias Zeller  
Long time support of SDN Matthias Zeller doing an interesting session in the ouside perspective Redmonk track. We are very greatful that through Matthias help Adobe is sponsoring this event again.

20. PHP & SAP - Discussion session for using PHP technologies in Netweaver platform. ( PHP/Java Bridge, SAPRFC etc. )
Host: Abdulbasit Gulsen 

21. Automate ABAP report generation using SAP Report Wizard (follow up from SDN day 2006 with a much more usable version) Since the SDN day in 2006, the program has evolved quite a lot. Now it includes many functionalities like graphical join definition and latest in terms of ALV usage. Create your ABAP reports in 5 minutes!!! Host: Leonardo De Araujo, Rich Heilman, Alexandre Giguere

22. SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe- Best Practices: Font selection and mapping for interactive and print PDF; Printing with paper selection, single sided, double sided and complex scenarios
Host: Les Woolsey, Mohan Bethur, Andre Salazar

We combined the three Adobe forms sessions. Hope that is O.K. with the hosts.

23. Value Added Progression from ABAP to NetWeaver - A  developer's insight      
Host: Srini Tanikella (ASUG - BITI/ITEB)      

24. Developing engaging user interfaces and rich internet applications with Adobe Flex - This is a 2 hour hands-on workshop (bring your laptop) - We will discuss the fundamentals of Flex and Flash and how Flex applications can integrate with SAP. Developers and consultants will share with you how they use Flex in SAP projects. If you do not have Flex Builder yet, we will install a trial version on your laptop and implement a small sample project.
Host: Matthias Zeller , Ed Herrmann, Dan McWeeney
Matthias has gotten some strong supporters: Ed and Dan.

Wow it will be tough to choose the right session, as Tim O'Reilly is also giving us time for a Q&A before his Keynote, there will only be 4 BOF session times throughout the day where you have to choose.

For those who have not registered yet, you can sign up on the main SAP TechEd '07 sign up page: Las Vegas.
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