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One of my friends, nedyalko.yotov challenged me to make a blog post as part of the Blog It Forward.

I am zoran.lisovac, currently working as an intern in @Sap offices in Dresden, Germany, and a student of Information Systems student at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.  


My time is SAP is quite short (for now :smile: ). I've been an intern since January 2015 in Dresden. Here I met a lot of new people, learned a lot of great new things and got hands on experience working in and developing SAP software. Tasks I'm getting here are quite challenging, but all that adds to the fun.


How I heard of InnoJam is a quite funny. Not through friends or university, but accidentally saw a poster outside my office in Dresden. I usually don't pay a lot of attention to that, but somehow this poster about InnoJam caught my eye. InnoJam is a 32 hour event where people have to develop an idea using Design Thinking to get the idea first, prototype it, and in the end implement it as a small application using latest SAP technologies, SAP UI 5 and SAP HANA Cloud. We were all assigned to teams previously, and as it turned out, I was in a team 7 with many different and funny people (huang.hua valentin.mezev, Leonard Nurnberg, jaroslawzdanowski sierra.yang, Quan Xiaotong and Zong Maggie). We developed a quite handy solution, how to find places where it's possible to eat healthy and track your diet.


When did you first use SAP Technologies? Which is your favorite one?

Ha! Even though I'm working in SAP as a developer, I'm not using SAP technologies, so the first time I've used SAP technologies is actually InnoJam. I working with SAP UI 5, which is a javascript front-end framework developed by SAP. It has quite a steep learning curve, it's definitely not the easiest JS framework you'll stumble upon!

Which is your favorite moment from InnoJam this year?

This is a difficult question, the entire event was amazing :smile: However since it was quite exhausting first prototyping the idea and then developing it, one of the best moments I had is when I went to sleep for an hour or so! That felt like a real treat after the all nighter we all pulled off. All joking aside, the favorite moment  was the award and closing ceremony. It was a great wrap up to a great experience we all had.

How do you see yourself in five years?

Wow, a question I have troubles answering during the interviews :smile:

Senior management position in SAP. Quite simple.

Thanks for your time dear reader!

Best wishes,


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