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Search ‘Big Data’ in the Sapphire session catalog and you’ll find 47 sessions at Sapphire NOW and another 23 sessions at TechEd. It is action packed.

If you’re looking to educate yourself on the opportunity then you don’t want to miss Steve Lucas’s session (DT 5666) where he is talking about how to ‘Tune into New Business Signals in the Age of Big Data’. Successful Big Data projects begin with a focus on a new business signal; tune into Steve to learn more! 

Big Data is bringing an end to traditional data management approaches. Enterprises working in the 21st century need to move from traditional database to a data platform, centered on in-memory. Find out how SAP is building a real-time data platform with SAP HANA at the core in these sessions:

DT5389 - Get Actionable Intelligence from Big Data at the Source with SAP HANA
DT5201 - Turn Data into Actionable Information with a Real-Time Data Platform
DT512 - Follow the Big Data Road Map to a Promising Future

Many enterprises are looking to open source technologies like Hadoop to build a Big Data platform, but are getting stuck in the process. Hadoop has a role to play in a Big Data platform; find out how enterprises can succeed with Hadoop when they combine it with analytic databases:

DT5272 - Cement the Bond Between Hadoop and Your EDW
DT5270 - Boost Big Data Analysis Through Native Integration with Apache Hadoop
DT5387 - (Discover how Hitachi) Gets Big Business Insight Out of Your Big Data for Better Decision Making

Best-in-class Information Management strategies are critical when you embrace Big Data, and if you haven’t given it much thought Sapphire NOW is the time to start! Check out the following sessions before confidence in the data checks out of your enterprise with these sessions:

BA3316 – Tame Big Data with Better Information Management and Data Warehousing
BA3310 – Deploy Enterprise-Scale ‘Big Data’ to Improve Customer Insight
DT5190 – Be Prepared to Face Your Big Data Challenges
DT509 – Manage Big Data Sources to Drive Better Business Insights

For the Business Analytics user we are talking about why you need to equip users with easy-to-use tools to visualize and explore Big Data, the importance of real-time Business Intelligence, and the power of predictive analysis. Check out the following sessions:

BA3299 – Uncover the Hidden Value of Your Data with Real-Time Business Intelligence
BA3356 – Uncover Trends with Predictive Analytics
BA3325 – Use Predictive Analytics to Extra the Most Benefit from Your Big Data
BA3291 – Empower Users with Self-Service Data Discovery and Visualization

I look forward to talking with at Sapphire next week and hearing about your plans for Big Data success. It’s going to be a great conference!