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I have heard from customers that it's not feasible to take advantage of the latest features in BI 4.1 SP3 because they simply cannot afford going through another
update/validation cycle.  This is a valid reason, but did you know that you can use the latest patch version of the BI 4.1 Promotion Management without needing to patch your source or target systems to the latest version?  Yes, in most cases, you can simply leave your DEV, TEST, or PROD systems running at whatever patch level and use the latest patch version of 4.1 Promotion Management on a separate box.  Promote Management in BI 4.1 supports promotion of content between systems of the same version, but different patch levels.  This means you just need to have a separate box running the latest BI 4.1 (current latest
release is SP3)  and designate this as the 'Central' system, where all promotion jobs will be created and run.