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Almost 60 percent of surveyed human resources (HR) executives report that millennials have little interest in assimilating organizational values. But what if you could find people whose personal interests and lifestyles already matched your company’s vision and mission?  That’s precisely what recruiters at Oakley, Inc are tasked to do.

Oakley is a California-based manufacturer of market-leading optical technology for professional and amateur athletes offering employees a unique work/life balance. The company is committed to actively support mutually held passions. At this year’s Ere Recruiting Conference & Expo in San Diego, Brianna Foulds, Head of Talent and Acquisition at Oakley, explained their recruitment strategy this way:

We’re looking for people who can be an ambassador for our brand because they are performance-obsessed, have a deep, authentic passion for what they do, and can innovate and challenge the norm by looking at things differently and applying that to their practice. We are fortunate to have consumers that are extremely loyal to our brand and when they become employees, they already believe in the product. Oakley isn’t  just their job, it’s a part of their life.

It may sound like a tall order, but Foulds said that after implementing SuccessFactors solutions, Oakley’s recruitment strategies changed for the better. Oakley, which uses the SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, Compensation, and Recruiting solutions, also runs SAP Human Resource Management (HCM) software. The entire suite of solutions has helped the company address some of its biggest recruitment challenges.

For example, the integrated system gives decision-makers in various departments across Oakley easy access to data from sourcing through onboarding and beyond. “We can see where candidates are coming from and how far they get into the interviewing process. Once they’re hired, we upload new hires into the HR system, and also download information into Finance, which is managing budgeting, forecasting, head count, and vacancy rates,” said Foulds.

One of the company’s other objectives was to decrease the amount of administrative work required by recruiters, allowing them focus on what’s most important -- having productive conversations around sourcing and communicating with candidates.

“Our recruiters are our brand,” said Foulds. “They are the ones building the relationships and that’s what we want them to do. We want it to be an experience where candidates feel that they’re talking to a person and not just a robot working within the business to recruit them.”

Perhaps the biggest test of any technology is ease of use. Foulds said that SuccessFactors offers an intuitive design that encourages people to use it. “We wanted SuccessFactors to be a natural tool that you want to use because it helped you, not just because it was a part of a process you were required to follow.”

Oakley is an interesting example of HR transformation in response to changing worker expectations. Work/life balance isn’t only about making sure employees have time for a personal life too. With shared values, employees and companies may well find that the possibilities for meaningful business and personal transformation are limitless.

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