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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Anyone who has followed my "Between You and Me" blog series will see I have a broad range of personal interests. Besides business intelligence and analytics, I also have a great interest in sustainability, organizational change management and entrepreneurship. 

Last week, while co-hosted Innovation Weekend in Berlin, I had the fortune of meeting a couple outstanding entrepreneurs at this event. What a great opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, and thanks to their generosity and openness to share their opinions and experiences, I am able to share part of these interviews with you.

To both entrepreneurs, I asked the following questions (at the end of our interviews):

  1. Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  2. What's more important for entrepreneurs: attitude or aptitude?

Marc Nager is the Co-Founder of Startup Weekend (, an organization that helps over 15,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 cities around the world pitch and progress their startup ideas. Marc was on-site in Berlin to help our first-ever Innovation Weekend get off to a successful start.

Here's how Marc answered these questions:


Next, I spoke to Andy Singleton, CEO of Assembla (, who was on-hand as one of the sponsors for Innovation Weekend, and also contributed his time by providing technical assistance to our teams using various SAP tools. Andy has been involved and founded in various technology start-ups in his career, including Assembla.

Here's how Andy answered these questions:


Marc and Andy have really inspired me. It is quite serendipitous that I should meet these two fine entrepreneurs, who have also given me some supported my own theories of what it takes to be a good entrepreneur.


Finally, my lesson for the week and proof of one of Alan Webber's "Rules of Thumb" - You won't know if you don't go! So, go to Innovation Weekend, go to SAP TechEd, go to one of your local User Group Chapter meetings! Go out and see what you might be missing.

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