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SAP is pleased to offer new SAP Best Practices for SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, focusing on how to integrate SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense and SAP ERP more easily and efficiently.  Both point-to-point connectivity and integration via SAP Process Integration (PI) are addressed.  You can download the Best Practices content from Service Marketplace or the Best Practices Help Portal starting today (proper access is required).

A link to the best practices content is also published in the SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense Business Center Delivery Kit (Business Center access is required).

The content includes:

  • Solution summary / Customer presentation
  • Configuration guides
  • Best practices
  • PI integration guide
  • Scenario simulation
  • Consultant delivery guide
  • Sample master data
  • Other content to help you configure the integration

Key customer benefits:

  • Onboarding and integration content for SAP ERP and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense
  • Faster setup of end to end processes and scenarios to speed implementation time-to-value
  • Provide both P2P (point-to-point) and middleware (PI) integration guidance
  • Best practices for standardized consumption and accelerated customer implementation

Getting started:

  1. From Service Marketplace landing page, click the "Download package" to get the entire best practice package called "Docu: SAP CLOUD TEI RDS V1.607" downloaded;
  2. Read the "Customer presentation" to understand the solution, which can be found on the landing page, or in the downloaded package;
  3. Read the "Quick guide" for a quick start guidance of the prerequisites and configuration requirements, which can be found on the landing page from "Latest information" (attached to the Note), or in the downloaded package;
  4. Refer to the "Consultant delivery guide" for implementation guidance, which can be found in the downloaded package. Follow the configuration building blocks and best practice guidance to config your scope items.

For an overview of the solution provided by the best practices, you may also refer to the following postings:

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