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At the moment there are still slots open in Palo Alto for the upcoming event, register now. So ok now to the good stuff!

I blogged earlier about what to expect and about making a solution.

This year we chose an ambitious and difficult theme, Agriculture. Granted there are many aspects of this topic and we of course have left the floor open for all of you to bring your own ideas on what to build, we certainly don't want to paint you into a corner so to speak. We want you to have a wide range of aspects to look at here, whether it's the drought in California or looking at other environmental factors that could and do effect this industry.

For us we want to see how broad, wide and crazy you can all get with data, software and hardware around the theme and what you can come up with!

To get you into the right mindset and to give you some links to get those creative juices flowing I did some searches for data available online around the topic - this is by no means all of the data and you are of course welcome to use any data you have access to (remember the legal side too please).

Just looking at data and reading about things in the news my own thoughts drift to the Amish (I even made "Amish White Bread" last night, that's what it's called anyway) and what they are doing around organic farming these days.

Zook: Well, there was a big psychological block that I had to get through. I’d see a couple bugs out there and feel like I immediately had to do something about it. But, I learned that if I sit back, things will often take care of themselves. That first summer for instance, we saw a lot of horn worms. Before that, I would have sprayed them right away, but this time I waited and a bunch of wasps came along and killed them. Once I saw that, I started getting really excited.

I started to think wow how cool would it be if we could track pest infestations, weather patterns and associate that with farming land? What if I took the idea from the Kenyan teenager who found a way to help stop poaching and adapted it to something smaller than "people"?

Or being able to map all the farming in an area to help determine what crops may be the most profitable for a farmer, granted I am not a farmer but I could imagine it would be no good if everyone grew the same things?

Or when you hear what farmers are doing in Louisiana? They are wanting to use drones to check water irrigation!! How many other locations could benefit from similar technologies and use of technologies?

Or maybe something more back to home, like how difficult my own small balcony table top garden is considering my travel schedule or teaching the kids about this stuff?