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Delete leading zero by using Search String for Electronic Bank Statement


In Electronic Bank Statement processing, some field in the bank statement has leading zero. For example, one field in note to payee has 7 digits 0123456, however, you need to remove the first '0' and make it 6 digits 123456. But sometimes, the bank statement you received does not have leading zero and you do not need to remove any digit.


  1. T-code: SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Bank Accounting -> Business Transactions -> Payment Transactions -> Electronic Bank Statement -> Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement.
  2. Create a new search string (^|#)######( |$) with mapping  ###### : 1901999.jpg 
  3. Click on the "Test" button to simulate the mapping, whatever you input 0123456 or 123456, you will get 123456 as a result.
  4. At last, double click on "Search string use", create a new entry according to your requirements and check the 'Active' field to activate the search string.

Please notice that Search String works only for note to payee information.

See Also

  • The documentation of "Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement" in SPRO.
  • SAP Note 494777 - Customer enhancements in electronic bank statement


leading zeros, RFEBKA00, FF.5, FF_5, SPRO, OT51

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