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The SAP Enterprise Support Academy is proud to announce that SAP Enterprise Support value maps, their social & collaborative learning & support program, has been shortlisted by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) for the highly prestigious Social and Collaborative Learning Award.

The Learning Awards, which are now in their 20th year, recognise outstanding examples of high standards, best practice, innovation and excellence in learning and development. LPI Chief Executive Colin Steed remarked that “…there has been a huge increase in submissions …With such a large number of entries the competition is fierce”.

The Social and Collaborative Learning Award is presented to a business that has demonstrated an innovative approach in using social media to deliver knowledge and skills (addressing infrastructure, content and instructional techniques), and proving a demonstrable business impact on the organisation.

Dr. Heike Laube, Head of the SAP Enterprise Support Academy commented that “the speed and extent of the digitization has made clear the requirement for a transformation in the face of learning, to benefit not only the employee with high-impact learning but to benefit the business with concrete and demonstrable outcomes. This is the challenge that we are addressing through our SAP Enterprise Support value map program.” Further to this, Jorma Straub, Global Program Lead SAP Enterprise Support value maps, added that: “the feedback from our customers speaks for itself: They report successful empowerment, a reduction in up-skilling efforts and training/consulting expenditures, as well as improved business outcomes”.

SAP Enterprise Support value maps made the cut and have been shortlisted alongside 5 other top companies in this category. The winner will be announced in February 2016.

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