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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Assetrak is an enterprise grade asset tracking and audit solution that automates all elements of asset management utilizing the latest technological advancements. Some of the products and services offered by the company are AssetCues | Asset tracking, Asset Verification, Digital Transformation of Asset lifecycle management. Let’s hear from Assetrak Solutions Private Limited about their journey and certification experience with SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), part of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services.



1) Firstly, thank you and it’s a pleasure to work with Assetrak Solutions Private Limited on the certification success story. Could you provide us a little bit of information about your company?

Assetrak is a leading multinational RegTech solutions company offering technology solutions in the F&A (Finance and Accounts) and supply chain domains. AssetCues 4.0.0, the technology platform by Assetrak is an end to end asset management platform used by some of the largest global organizations to automate asset inventory, audit and tracking. AssetCues is used by customers in verticals ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Banking and Hospitality among others. With offices in US, UAE and India and partners in other countries, AssetCues has a global reach. Assetrak helps companies transform their asset management with the help of leading technologies which are seamlessly integrated with SAP.  Since 2009, Assetrak has managed 4+ million assets worth more than USD 10 billion.

2) How did you get to know about SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), reasons for getting your solution AssetCues 4.0 certified and your experience working with SAP ICC?

AssetCues 4.0.0 is growing globally where implementing successful asset tracking solution requires integration with SAP. Without direct integration, solution will be a stand-alone solution for our customers and can create maintenance hassles. This led us to exploring options to integrate Assetcues 4.0.0 with SAP and eliminate manual / repeated activities which would generate savings for our customers. Two-way Integration today provide a complete view of assets and respective details from SAP as well as AssetCues and asset data is synchronized on real-time basis. It has been a phenomenal experience while working with SAP ICC team.  Instant communications, faster testing process, quick understanding of solution and integration need helped us to get the certification well in time.

3) Could you please elaborate how certification has helped in positioning the product to customers?

SAP certification has strengthened our customer's trust on our solution. It has helped us provide them with an integration solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP and provides an end to end framework for all of their asset audit and tracking solutions. It has also helped us reduce the lead time for implementation due to the shortened discussions with our customer's IT groups now. Customers understand the high scrutiny and standards that the product passed through to get certification from SAP and are willing to trust that.

We are now targeting other global locations and the companies where SAP is being used and we can offer AssetCues 4.0.0 as a certified tool.

4) What are the key features of the certified product AssetCues 4.0?

    1. Mobile application based physical verification of assets

    2. Asset tagging using barcoding, RFID and IOT

    3. Automated reconciliation between asset register and physical verification results

    4. Asset componentization and split

    5. Control over assets with employees

    6. Asset transfer between locations, cost centers, plants

    7. Asset disposal and sale with approval workflow

    8. Asset Dashboard and analytics

    9. Equipment ID and Asset ID linking

5) What next for Assetrak Solutions Private Limited?

Future is very exciting at Assetrak. We are continuously coming up with new technology solutions to the problems our customers are facing. We are currently working on building an AI based model that would significantly improve the accuracy of matching the physical tag with the actual asset. We are also working on an indoor location system that would guide our customers to the physical location of the asset. Lastly, as a lot of our enterprise customers are global, we are helping them with their asset tracking needs in other countries.

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