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Max Peer, the “Around the World Biker”, made the 6th stop of his 4 year, 35,000 mile ‘Share the Knowledge Tour’ in Rutgers University Business School, Piscataway, New Jersey and I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet him and represent SAP and Product Support. 

Recently I joined Kevin Bruzzio, Senior Director - Regional Support Management, along with fellow SAP "Campus Ambassadors" Helen Lee and Krishna Mamidipaka in welcoming Max Peer, who is cycling across the World to champion open access to quality educational materials from Interaction Design Foundation and openSAP.

His message is that education is the single, most powerful way to lift people out of poverty and change lives, leading to a "more sustainable culture".

          Max and Kevin laid out the details on how such an education is made possible through free online courses, textbooks, videos and other learning resources from Interaction Design  Foundation and OpenSAP and through these, how we can make the ‘World Run Better’.

          It was a great opportunity to meet with Max, Professor Lian Qi and his MBA students and share our passion for SAP, and discuss the passions of the students and how they can fulfill their dreams by utilizing the immense wealth of learning resources available at OpenSAP. They were also keen to discuss how SAP provides opportunities for young people through its innovations and technologies.

          I had the pleasure of discussing Database and Technologies with the Rutgers Students, talk about the exciting world of AGS, answer their enthusiastic questions about knowledge, careers and the rewards and challenges therein.

I found the whole experience inspiring and motivating, I enjoyed sharing my passion with the students. It’s the first time that I have represented SAP in an event like this and, indeed, one of the first times I’ve talked to students in this kind of environment. Their enthusiasm to soak up knowledge and passion to take on life’s challenges is contagious and very rejuvenating. I like to think that some of those students I shared my passion with, could be future SAP employees.

Checkout the blog pages of SAP University Alliance's John Baxter at the following link for further details on this interaction and information about Max, IDF, the Share the Knowledge tour and all other goodies.