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The number of information regarding saposcol is continuously growing. In my point of view it makes sense to not keep the old notes available. Let me explain my motivation:

1) saposcol is not in active development, but has to react on needs of the data consumers as well as on the changes on OS level and virtualization metrics and posibilities - this means that in fact there is significant number of code changes

2) due to different APIs and complicated end-to-end scenarios, where you can have in one data chain SolMan-SMD-HA-Saposcol or NWA-HA-CCMS->saposcol_data, it happens that the error which happened in the past will occur again; but in fact the bug is completely different and using the note will not solve your situation

3) every bugfix results in new SAP HostAgent version, therefore it has no sense to know, that some bug was released in version 720 PL217, you have always to upgrade to the newest one

4) I am not able to deliver any fix for 720, code is frozen, no patch production is running

5) It makes sense to have summary not for saposcol in 721 branch to know if you are the first customer having certain issue

Therefore I decided to archive all notes which are related to 720 saposcol. It would be easier to take into account the following: if you have problem, ensure you have SAP HostAgent 721. If your bug is described in summary note, upgrade to latest SAP HostAgent. If not, contact support.

In any case - keeping SAP HostAgent up to date is very good idea. Update is easy, does not affects application servers or any production...