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Join us on April 26th

Are you looking for ways to grow your business and expand into new markets with a simplified and flexible Cloud offering? SAP is making it easier than ever to deploy SAP software in a safe and secure private cloud environment with the help of trusted SAP partners and the partner managed cloud route to market. Join us to get your guide in learning how you can combine your own IP, along with infrastructure, services and 3rd party solutions plus content, to deliver a fully managed solution in the Cloud.

When you develop a private cloud model you open up a world of opportunities for you, and your customers. You can simplify and streamline customers’ business, while growing your own organization and capitalizing on a $191 billion opportunity. The recurring revenue stream of cloud business also help better prepare and forecast future earnings. You can also:

  • Reduce time and effort to transition to virtual and cloud environments
  • Quickly respond to and support new business needs
  • Radically simplify management of SAP software landscapes
  • Reduce operational costs for your SAP solutions
  • Benefit from global support and advice from SAP

What are you waiting for - Join us.  Learn how you can become a Partner Managed Cloud partner with SAP.

Join the April 26 session to get insight into:

  • Market trends driving demand for private cloud hosting
  • Partner managed cloud program overview
  • Building a partner managed cloud business
  • Benefits and example of success
  • How you can capitalize

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