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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer lets you answer the questions you didn't know you had by accelerating and indexing extremely large amounts of corporate data and then letting you search, explore and share it.

In the same way that Explorer lets you search and explore your corporate data, the new Explorer Collaboration Workspace lets you search, explore and collaborate on the ways to learn about, use, install, administer and provide feedback on the direction of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.


The initial purpose of this blog is to invite you to the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Collaboration Workspace.  The intention of this site is to serve as a consolidation of all things related to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and allow you to leverage knowledge assets, network with product experts, influence product direction, etc.  Use it as a launch point to a multitude of online resources that will help you explore all that there is to know about Explorer!


Where ever possible we endeavour to provide links to existing content and sites, but where necessary, content is published directly to the Collaboration Workspace as well.  Use this site to get started, stay connected and become active in the greater SAP BusinessObjects Explorer community.


We encourage you to share your comments, ideas, suggestions and issues via our discussions area.  Note that issues should still be formally logged through our Customer Support System, but by discussing them here, we can all learn from each others' experiences.


If you have suggestions for improvement please visit our feedback site where you can search for what others are asking for and vote for what you think is most important or add a new topic that doesn't exist yet and see how important it is to other users as they rank it.


I'm looking forward to seeing you in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Collaboration Workspace!

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