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We all received an e-mail invitation a few weeks ago noting available tickets to SAP Center to attend an interesting sounding event called the "Parade of Olympians".  I was hesitant to try for tickets mainly because the event was related to gymnastics, and I no little about that sport.  How could that possibly be fun, I thought.  However, history has shown me that these "one-of-a-kind" events always deliver a unique experience, so I easily applied via the link attached to the e-mail.  To my pleasant surprise, I actually was granted two tickets, and decided to take my daughter on what proved to be a beautiful Saturday evening.

I was not aware even that the Gymnastic Olympic trials were in the bay area, but I quickly realized how popular the sport is in the area with thousands of fans in what was set up like a mini-city focused on gymnastics outside SAP Center.  I easily picked up our tickets at the "will-call", window and entered SAP Center with others who were quite eager to see their idols of new (and some of very "senior") who participated in previous Olympic games.

The "Parade of Olympians" actually was a parade of over 100 former (many with gold medals) Olympians acknowledged for their accomplishments dating as far back to the 1950's - think a college graduation ceremony where diplomas are handed out!  At breaks during the parade, four past American Idol contestants each performed in front of a fantastic 10+ piece band sounding absolutely magnificent!

After 2 1/2 hours of pure entertainment and excitement at seeing some Olympians that even both my daughter and I recognized, we were SO glad we attended.  Whether attending the upcoming event at Great America in late July, meeting technology leaders, or attending the winter party, SAP delivers over and over again for employees.  I am proud to be a part of such a great company!