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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thank you to all the Personas customers that have provided us feedback. We have listened and I am happy to announce the availability of SAP Screen Personas 2.0.

Personas 2.0 builds on the success of it predecessors. We have incorporated feedback from the dozens of Personas 1.0 customers into the new version. This means easier operation as well as smoother installation. Personas allows customers to personalize their SAPGUI (Dynpro) screens without any programming, allowing them to streamline transactions and improve user productivity.

Personas 2.0 includes two separate Personas components, one based on Silverlight and one based on HTML. These components are not available separately. Personas 2.0 is a single download with a single installation process that installs both components. Once installed, Personas Silverlight and Personas HTML run independently and do not interact. They solve different problems in different use cases.

Building on Personas 1.0

The Silverlight component extends the existing version. It has all the same functionality, but with better performance, higher scalability, and easier day to day usage. It runs any browser that has the Silverlight plug-in. This includes IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Since merging tabs and automating processes using scripting are among the most common use cases, we expect most customers to use the Silverlight Personas, as only it offers this capability today.

SAP Screen Personas allows customers to modify classic SAP Dynpro screens using a web browser. It provides consumer-grade personalization features that enable IT professionals, key-users, and end-users to simplify business application screens quickly and easily without any programming knowledge. Personas screens improve the visual appeal, end-user productivity, and performance of SAP.

Something New

Some customers will be satisfied just to improve the appearance of their WebGUI screens. Personas HTML will be best for them. Benefits of this architecture include no client-side installation, no external dependencies, changes are reflected directly in the standard SAP WebGUI for users with a licence to use Personas.

The HTML component is integrated into the SAP WebGUI (this is NOT Web Dynpro). It does not require any external dependencies, and has no additional client-side installation. Its feature set is more limited than the Silverlight part. HTML Personas does only the following:

Ÿ  Change color themes

Ÿ  Include background images

Ÿ  Hide/show controls

Ÿ  Set default values

Ÿ  Add tooltips and sticky notes, rename a label

Ÿ  Share flavors, set as default

Both components of Personas 2.0 are available for productive use. You can choose which to use depending on your specific use case.

If you want to streamline your SAP screens to make your users more productive and happier, contact your SAP account executive.