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Keeping track of legal changes has become a challenging task in our current world. Staying compliant is crucial and time is of the essence.

To make sure you get the information you need to complete your tasks in the Announcement of Legal Changes app as quickly as possible, we’ve improved our help offering:

  • We have enabled Web Assistant to give context-sensitive help for the fields that require it.

  • The Announcement of Legal Changes product page provides an overview about the main features of the app, what's changed from one release to the next, and all related news from the Community.

How to use Web Assistant

In the app, just click the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen:

An information bar with the help topics appears on the right of the screen. Elements with in-app help have a green circle on top of them:

To get help on a topic, simply click on the green circle:

Additionally, you can navigate to the SAP Help Portal documentation by choosing What's This App. You can use guided tours that explain how to carry out specific activities or check what's new in the app:

When you've got the help that you need, you can turn off Web Assistant by clicking the question mark.

Give us your feedback

To ensure that we’re covering what you need, please try out the embedded help, check out the product page, and leave your feedback at the bottom of this blog post!

I worked on this project with my colleague ian.armstrong

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