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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The Announcement of Legal Change application provides an overview of the upcoming legal changes. With this application offered in SAP ONE Support Launchpad, users from the customers can search for legal changes, for example, by countries or application components, specify whether the legal change is relevant to his or her business and the implementation status in the customer systems.



The KPI number in the tile of the application indicates the number of open legal changes.


With the new version (released on May 30, 2016) you can now specify search variants that allow to do the following:

  • Save filter settings (fields used as search criteria) as search variant

  • Change filter settings of an existing search variant

  • Name search variants, set one variant as the default, or delete any unnecessary  variants.
    The app uses the default search variant to calculate the number of legal changes displayed on the app tile.



Implementation Status

Specifies the implementation status of the system updates for a legal change in the customers’ systems. The default status of a legal change is Open. The manually specified status is visible to all users in the same company.


Users can specify one of the following statuses:


  • In Process
    Implementation of system updates is in process in user’s systems.

  • Implemented
    Implementation completed.

  • Not Relevant
    The legal change is not relevant for user’s business.


SAP Note

Indicates whether any SAP Notes for the legal change are available. The statuses of the SAP Note are as follows:


  • In Analysis
    SAP is analyzing the legal change to determine whether to release any SAP Notes for the legal change.

  • Planned
    SAP plans to release SAP Notes for the legal change.

  • Available
    SAP has released the relevant SAP Notes for the legal change. You can navigate to the SAP Note by clicking the status.

  • Out of Scope
    SAP has completed the analysis of the legal change. System updates are not relevant for this legal change, therefore no SAP Notes are planned.



Indicates the level of complexity of go-live activities after the SAP Notes applied for a legal change:


  • Low
    The system updates are self-explanatory with no change to existing processes or user interfaces.

  • Medium
    The system updates do not affect existing processes, but include small user interface (UI) changes (for example, some new fields have been added to an existing UI). Therefore, only a simple introduction needs to be provided to the end users about the updated UI.

  • High
    The system updates include new processes (for example, a new system transaction) and significant changes to the UI. In this case, workshops and training materials need to be provided to end users about the changes.