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Community Manager

As many people know SAP did a pilot series of events in April known as the SAP CodeJam. We went from Berlin to London and then down to Tel Aviv; after which we met up at SAPPHIRE NOW and then in Palo Alto and began discussing the outcomes, the results and of course the next steps. 

The fact that during the Hasso/Vishal keynote the CodeJam's were mentioned and talked was simply awesome and unexpected and very exciting and our Facebook page has exploded with likes recently so we took it as an opportunity to start asking more and more developers their thoughts on the event and format. 

The feedback has been overwhelming from the events themselves as well as from the various folks we have reached out to. The core of all the feedback has been "an event designed to show some tech but having a focus on the networking and interaction of attendees" and how that is an excellent move! 

Our first event was in Berlin, it was not such a big hit, some might even call it a flop 🙂 however we learned a lot and the feedback told us that doing an event in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday was not a great idea. We also learned that doing the event in a city with a startup community and not doing it in the same places the startups use will simply not work out well for you. 

The second event we were excited to have Bluefin Solutions hosting us and the folks at Bluefin had a special surprise when they got to hear all about the SAP Developer program and what was going to be announced a few weeks later at SAPPHIRE NOW

The third event of the pilot series was in Tel Aviv and actually blew us away in terms of each and every aspect we hoped for coming together in an excellent event! 

Even more exciting has been the requests pouring in for CodeJam events - Germany, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and the Netherlands. So one of the first things we decided to do was to accept an offer from NL for Business to host a SAP CodeJam event in June; June 22nd to be exact! 

We'll be heading over to their offices (registration link to follow) to talk SAP NetWeaver Cloud and hang with more developers! Come join us there!