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It’s time to share some results from the design and deployment service for SAP Sybase IQ.  This service is designed to help customers plan, implement and optimize an end-to-end business intelligence solution, ensuring the customer is maximizing their investment in the SAP Sybase IQ (IQ) product.


  1. As an example of great metrics, in one delivery of this service, the customer deployed IQ with our consultants’ guidance in planning, design of the data model, and implementing their business queries. This customer saw a reduction by 30% in their data storage space and reduced typical query response times from 40 minutes to just 13 seconds.
  2. Another example of metrics results is where the delivery of this IQ service assisted a customer re-vamp their system by implementing SAP products to reduce data warehouse load time from 3 DAYS to 3 HOURS.
  3. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries on this blog, sometimes the results of our services are described with very numerical language with lots of statistics about system availability, query response times, and hardware usage as in these 2 results but sometimes it’s just a great story of how pleased the customer is with the service.

  4. An example of the great story: the customer said, after a SAP database consultant guided them through a completely new data warehouse and developed analytical reporting capabilities in just 8 weeks using this service, “This was probably one of the fastest data warehouse implementations in history.”

Three Dramatic results – yes?

Are you missing out on an opportunity for a SAP Services expert to help you get a business intelligence or analytics solution in place and enjoy the sort of dramatic results other customers are experiencing? 

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