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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation version 10 for Netweaver now has even more options available. Now the customers have a choice to deploy it either on premise or on cloud or switch between the two as per their requirement. These options are available for BPC10NW Hana or non-Hana deployments. In this blog, we will discuss all that you need to know about deploying BPC10NW on cloud with and without Hana option.

When should we consider deploying BPC10NW Hana on cloud:

With the recent announcement of SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud, deploying BPC10NW Hana on SAP Enterprise Cloud is possible. SAP Enterprise Hana Cloud platform is a managed cloud platform that enables customers to deploy BPC10NW Hana without worrying about any capital expenditure in procuring and maintaining Hana infrastructure. With SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud, the customers can expect to get:

  • 24x7 customer support availability
  • 100% datacenter availability
  • 100% power availability
  • SAP experts in our operations center
  • Enterprise grade service availability
  • Disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical systems

Does this change the licensing options: 

The licensing option remains the same as it was before – it is just the deployment option that is enhanced.  This means that the customers still need to have the perpetual licenses for BPC and Hana. This also means that the customers still can have the same software maintenance service as they would have had if BPC and Hana was deployed on-premise instead of on cloud.

Does this lock the customers into a single deployment option:

The customers have a choice of deployment options to deploy BPC10NW Hana either on premise or on cloud but this does not lock the customer into that deployment options. Since the customers own the underlying licenses of BPC and Hana, they can anytime switch between the on-premise and on cloud deployment. For example, in case where the customer bought the BPCNW and Hana license but the customer did not have the hardware ready, in that case the customer can deploy BPCNW and Hana on SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud and start using the functionality without waiting for procurement and installation of hardware on premise. If in a future date, if the customer procures the required hardware on premise they can use the same license and deploy it on the newly procured on-premise hardware if they wish. It can work the other way too. If the existing BPCNW customers want to upgrade to BPC10NW Hana and if they don’t have the required hardware, then they can deploy their BPCNW and Hana license on SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud and start using it right away.

What about pricing, service level agreements (SLA) etc.:

As stated before, the pricing for the software part (BPCNW and Hana) is unchanged since it is the same licensing option. The pricing of the cloud infrastructure will be in the form of monthly fee and will have SLAs associated with it. The value added services including the assessment, on boarding etc will be variable based on time and material. For more details, please visit

Can we deploy BPC10NW with databases other than Hana on public cloud:

If you want to deploy BPC10NW with the databases other than Hana (the databases that are supported by NW) on cloud, you can deploy that on Amazon Web Service. Here also the same licensing arrangement is valid as far as BPC10NW is concerned. The customer can bring their own license for BPC10NW as well as the underlying database and deploy on AWS. The SAP applications that can be deployed on AWS are listed at

Can the AWS deployment will still be connected to the other SAP on-premise systems:

The BPC10NW AWS deployment can be contained in a specific virtual cloud and can be connected to the on-premise systems through a gateway and VPN connector. A high level architecture diagram for this deployment is as flowing:

What about pricing of AWS infrastructure

You can know all about the pricing of AWS at The cost for detailed monitoring by AWS is available at Please note that all pricing discussions/ questions about AWS pricing need to happen directly with AWS.

BPC10NW license for a limited term:

Last but not the least, it is important to note that SAP provides the option to rent BPC10NW software licenses for a limited period of time. This option can’t be availed for Hana but for BPC10NW only. Software rental includes maintenance and support of the software (Licensee can choose between the SAP Enterprise or SAP Standard Support option. The chosen option is then valid for all SAP software licensed by Licensee under rental agreements, excluding software to which special support agreements apply exclusively). The monthly fee for rental is expressed as a percentage of the corresponding remuneration for the corresponding license purchase contract. It depends on the minimum period of validity. The rental fee may increase during the rental period. Rental contracts can be terminated after the initially committed rental period by giving 3 months' notice to take effect at the end of a calendar quarter. Please note that availability of rental contracts is restricted in some countries.  This BPCNW license can be deployed on premise or on cloud for the duration of the term of license. However if this has to be deployed on SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud, then perpetual licnese is needed for the Hana part since the limited term license option is available only for the BPCNW and not for Hana.   


Thus we can now deploy BPC10NW on premise or on cloud or even switch between the two – either with Hana or any other database supported by NW.          

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