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This short blog describes how you can add users to your Mobile Documents Trial on HCP, so you can add them into your team shares as members.

This blog is part of the blog Collaborate with your colleagues using SAP Mobile Documents.

Self-Registration of the User

If the user that you want to add already has an SCN user, you can skip this step. If not, he or she needs to

go to

--> Join Us

--> Follow the instructions to register as a new user

Get User ID of User

Once the user that you want to add has been created, you will need to get its user ID (this is the technical ID).

For this, the user needs to go to

--> Log on

--> The User ID  is listed in the Personal Information area

Assing Sharing Role to User in your Trial Account

Once you have the User ID of the user, open the Cloud Cockpit of your HCP Trial:

Go to --> Click "Launch HCP"

Go to Services --> Document Center

Service Configuration - Assign Roles & Set Destinations

Click Roles (in the left navigation area)

In the Roles section, select the appropriate role (see Assigning Users to Roles for further details about the roles):

Click Assign

Enter the User ID of the new user

Click Assign

Now you can continue trying out the team sharing capability in your trial account.