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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Adamant Lane AG digitizes and automates with its SaaS cloud platform LiquidityHub various products of the trade finance sector. The platform provider has its headquarter in Zürich, Switzerland, and a subsidiary in Bielefeld, Germany. Adamant Lane AG is a silver Partner of SAP and worked closely together with SAP to develop LiquidityHub in a Co-Innovation partnership and has achieved certification as SAP Certified-Built on SAP Business Technology Platform through the “Co-Innovated with SAP®” Program.


Oliver  Schreiber, CDO, and Co-Founder of  Adamant Lane AG “With LiquidityHub we revolutionize the way how complex trade finance processes will be operated and designed in the future. LiquidityHub scales trade finance businesses to the cloud and secures their business by transparency from the funder down to the single asset.”




Could you first give us a brief overview of Adamant Lane AG, what solutions and products you are offering, and who are your customers?

Adamant Lane AG was founded in April 2019 in Zurich by a team of experienced financial services and cloud platform experts with a strong history in trade and Investment Finance.

Adamant Lane AG developed LiquidityHub as a trade finance cloud platform based on the "banking-as-a-microservice" approach leveraging the newest cloud technologies of SAP Business technology platform with global coverage. LiquidityHub delivers fully integrated services for the global financial supply chain community – customizable and flexible for modular design of services and yet 100% compliant. A multi-client and multi-provider cloud platform without any local IT, easy to use, and with continuous innovation on the latest technology.

Our customers are on the one hand financial service providers, like banks or factoring providers and large corporates with their central finance and treasury departments, who would like to optimize their Supply Chain Finance (SCF) processes through LiquidityHub. As a multi-product platform, LiquidityHub digitizes and automates e.g. Full-Service-, Inhouse- and Reverse-Factoring as well as Supply Chain Finance processes which include for example Dynamic Discounting. Also, investors are very interested in our platform to secure their investments and funds with complete transparency across all levels down to the single asset.

Can you share your expectations towards the Co-Innovated with SAP service – what were the reasons for applying for this service and how was your experience during the project?

There have been mainly two targets, which were important for us. First, it is critical for us to be aligned with the SAP portfolio and don´t overlap with our processes. We want to be a valuable Add-On to SAPs core applications and thus be able to drive joint marketing and be promoted in the SAP Store.

The second aspect was the collaboration with the SAP development and getting support for critical new technologies. This was important since we used several new cloud platform services on the edge of the possible to enable the latest and best services for our clients.

Overall, we made a very good experience working with the Co-Innovated team of SAP and getting their support and being connected to the relevant teams of SAP in industry sales and development.

Can you tell us about the solution you built and its key benefits for your customers?

LiquidityHub delivers fully integrated services for the mentioned trade and supply chain finance products, is always customizable to customers’ needs, and easy to set up as a flexible cloud service.
On the LiquidityHub platform all involved parties like investors, financial service providers, banks, debtors and sellers, KYC (Know Your Customer) data providers, and credit insurers can be integrated for full transparency and highest security via APIs. The technology provides real-time oversight and simplification of what is currently a complex marketplace.

LiquidityHub digitizes the entire financial supply chain processes, from invoice receipt and eligibility criteria check to customer and debtor payments. Each step of the process remains flexible and can be configured based on individual client criteria (countries, industries, currencies, limits, credit insurances, credibility, etc.). The platform enables the configuration of new trade finance products with multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency coverage on one platform within days.
LiquidityHub realizes significantly lower compliance-, KYC- and governance costs by real-time transparency and fraud protection. For all involved parties in the trade finance processes, reporting and analytics are delivered in real-time on the latest cloud technologies. As a fully integrated banking sub-ledger based on the integrated accounting in SAP S/4HANA, LiquidityHub can be integrated into the customer’s existing general ledger.


Were you already familiar with the referring architecture framework or did you make use of SAP´s technical guidance on the infrastructure?

We are a partner of SAP for the Business Technology Platform from the very beginning and have also already made very good experiences with SAP as a Co-Innovation partner in the past. So, the architectural design of cloud services on BTP is one of our core competencies.

The Co-innovated with SAP service involves enablement sessions, architectural review, and sharing of quality guidelines – from which of these offerings did you profit most?

Our most relevant technical achievement out of the program was the very detailed feedback we got, how to improve the development security, UI, and performance topics of the application, based on the testing and the Veracode scan assigned by SAP.

What are your highlights of the co-innovation journey with the Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services team?

One highlight of the journey was the final introduction of us to the industry sales team of SAP, where we were invited to present our platform and advantages for their clients as a base for joint sales activities.

How does the Co-Innovated with SAP program and certification help in improving the positioning of the solution to customers?

The value of the Co-innovated with SAP Program and certification is very important for us as a FinTech Startup and newcomer in a very established business environment and supports our marketing and sales activities very well. It shows our quality-driven approach and the level of innovation we bring to the market.

Thank you very much for sharing your Co-Innovated with SAP experience. We are excited about the possibilities of working with you again and helping you in your Next Generation Partnering Journey with SAP.



For all our partners of the ecosystem, we would like to share the following message:

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