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Let me start off with a metaphorical question: How do you eat an elephant?  As with any project of a large scale, one would not expect  to accomplish it in a single bite, and only with specialized tools can a complex task as that be undertaken. The same is true in achieving the transformative vision toward becoming a customer-centric organization.  A roadmap for leveraging a CRM system to get you there; including implementing CRM’s Sales, Service, and Marketing business management software and the various technology components to manage call centers, telephony, and virtual distributed customer centric services, requires a variety of tools and a steadfast commitment to your vision. This blog series will introduce to you the benefits of implementing SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) and will demonstrate the leadership SAP has shown in CRM in getting companies to realize the benefits and value of a customer centric enterprise. 

It wasn’t but ten years ago when SAP CRM was a challenger to Siebel CRM, but since then, SAP CRM has proven our strength in the market with our customer momentum and through innovation - together with our ISV partners and ecosystem - to become a market force in this space.  We’re now taking that momentum a step further as we innovate CRM for the next ten years - not only in the components of what we offer, but in the deployment of CRM modules in more consumable ways, with our new Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Delighting your customers and their customers - who have all available social tools to voice their experiences - requires much more of your organization than ever before; such as the availability of prospect, customer, and account information in real-time to be leveraged by  appropriate individuals in your organization, in order to enable informed decision-making. CRM business management software implementations are significant in steering your objectives and are critical to becoming a curator of your customers’ experiences.  However, they may be challenging if undertaken without the vision for how your organization will leverage the new insights and understandings you’ll wield.  More often than not, knowing how to start, and where to identify those business wins that will justify the levels of investment being made, are almost impossible. We know implementing CRM is a journey, but the question is how do I start and what is the best route to take?

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions enable you to start now and make incremental progress - one prioritized achievement at a time - until your vision is obtained.   SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions ensure short time to value implementations for projects suited for fixed price/fixed scope implementations.  By combining software, services, preconfiguration, and powerful implementation accelerators these solutions integrate with your technology landscape and provide additional choice of implementing SAP solutions for your customer-centric transformation. SAP CRM RDS span three core CRM solution modules: Sales, Marketing, Service, plus infrastructure elements to manage communications, call centers, and telephony.  We then suggest follow-on implementations in additional phases to include solutions like SAP RDS analytics and SAP RDS mobile.

Let me guide you to this blog by Alexander Schroeter (Director CRM Line of Business, SAP) in “The right path to CRM results” Schroeter explains that the CRM journey is not an all-or-nothing, now-or-then proposition. It’s a series of steps along a path that’s aligned with your company’s business and technology strategy.   This requires an offering that lends itself to an architecturally coherent deployment over time.’  SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions reflect this new reality by packaging more consumable and implementable software— where scenarios run from around 12 week deployments or less - for each integrated module of the SAP CRM RDS software portfolio with services and tools.  I encourage you to explore how others have been successful in choosing the right path to value for their businesses here. For more information please read more here.

With SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions you can be up and running with the predictability of implementation time, cost, and outcomes meeting expectations. These solutions integrate to your technology landscape with the flexibility to grow as you grow. Additionally, you have the choice of deployment options - such as mobile, licensed, subscription, behind the firewall or cloud based on your needs. My view as General Manager in charge of our CRM solutions here at SAP is that no CRM journey should now start with unknowns. Your CRM vision can become a realistic route to success with predictable results at each step, how? SAP CRM RDS solutions!

Available today are:

SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution Sales, Service and Marketing

Sybase Mobile Sales rapid-deployment solution for SAP CRM

SAP Business Communications Management rapid-deployment solution

SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for analytics

Social CRM Rapid Deployment Solution

Enjoy the next blog post in this series where Stefan Haenish will dive into the attributes of rapid deployment of CRM, predictability, integration, and choice with details about what is included in these stepwise offerings to support you and your organization toward rapid time to value one step at a time.

And please come see SAP CRM RDS in Action at SAPPHIRENOW!