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Now a days all you hear is real real-time. In-memory computing. Crunching big data in minutes or seconds. Maybe you stop for a moment to read something on the subject. This blog perhaps? What does this mean for your business? What’s the impact? The net? How is this even possible?

I am the first person to admit I’m not technical, but the technical folks found a way to explain this so that someone like me can actually understand and take away meaning - the business benefits. I’ll also confess that I’m a marketer and my job is take the technical stuff and make it understandable. Not an easy task, but here it goes:

There are three common in-memory usage scenarios. You’re with me so far?

  1. Optimizing reporting for your business
  2. Accelerating business processes
  3. Solving the "unsolvable" business problem

How does in-memory make it happen? It’s all about speed:

  1. Crunch more data volume yielding real-time reports with lots of detail
  2. Accelerate or extend SAP Business Suite functionality WITHOUT disrupting your current business
  3. Create apps to address unique business processes

See how this works for yourself - check out this whiteboard video. Get more insight on how in-memory can help you achieve real real-time business processes.