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A fantastic Leader, who was preparing for a major initiative for a noble cause, once shared the advice then given to him by a Great Person... when such an incredible impact is the intention, no matter what you do and how you do, Do it BIG!

It stuck with me since then, that Dreaming Big is encouraged by Leaders, simply because they have seen and made it possible. On one hand dreams can be termed as fascination and brushed away, or as alternate reality 😄 and proven to be true or at least tried by all means  😉 ! In any case, if you have the passion and the drive, the only way to feel satisfied is to go all out and do what you want to do and in a Big Bang!

At some point we all have felt this while organizing large events, that many times, even before you know it, that awkward sensation of nervousness and excitement has already crept in and settled deep within you. It only gets bigger as your brain struggles to wade through the daunting Yet To Do list, particularly as you approach the D day in less than a week's time.

This particular SAP Inside Track is like organizing a BIG wedding!!! (yeah..inviting around 600 people to a wedding is very loud, to a person like me who believes in simple weddings and great honeymoons!! and then ofcourse greater marriages :D).So now with our registrations soaring up high, 400+, it feels like preparing for a huge huge Family get-together..!

And That’s the moment!!! When you look at your audience that way, as a Family, suddenly everything starts to ease up! You are not nervous anymore except that you would hope to not have any major mishaps. Because, when you arrange something for your family, you are less bothered about getting it right and more keen on everyone having a great time and feeling good at the end of it!! This is exactly what I am feeling right now and that's our focus! I have seen and read so much about Bonding in communities, be it at Barn Raising or for helping refugees, I am overly pleased to have this opportunity to re-ignite the spark of our very own local grass-roots community event, SAP Inside Track with all of you wonderful SAP Community folks, first in Bangalore, my fav city and soon in my childhood city, Delhi and in the special city of Mumbai.

So, while this is a first one in a long time now, there are a few things that I am heavily inclined towards making it happen ( I can almost hear my fellow co-organizers, the SAP Mentors, raise an alarm and get their arms in place as they read this :P)!! Oh dear.. We are having fun doing this! And the best part is, when you have the top influencers and the experts with you, there's very little left to worry about. And after all.. as my leaders say it, we are all part of one big family.

On one front, we are all doing our best to create a super cool and a nice warm ambience to maintain that unique charm that SITs carry across the globe, and on the other, we are making sure that you have a whole bunch of new learnings and take-aways to apply right back at work as you start the next day. Yes, the returns also quite guarantee a set of new friends that you will take back with you!

This first step has been made possible, by the trust and encouragement given to us by our leaders and sponsors and the commitment by our support staff. To whom we are very grateful to.

And a whole-hearted Thank you to everybody, for signing up to be a part of our favorite event!!! A special bow to those who signed up as speakers and volunteers :-). We look forward to adding value and making the day worth your time and effort!!! Our only ask is, although the event is free of cost, we have limited capacity, and so, in case you cannot make it, please let us know 2 days in advance (July 6th), so we can open up your seat to someone who is just as eager and will be able to join. Alternatively, you could send someone else on your behalf whom you think will make the best of the day, and in that case, please do keep us informed via a quick call/ mail by July 6th. Thanks a lot for your understanding and co-operation.
SIT BLR event link. SIT Mumbai event link 

if you are curious to know Why SAP Mentors matter... watch this for sure!

Thank you for the read.. Happy to host you... Let's make Learning a Celebration to take back with us for a long time. See you soon!