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Early this month, I had the honor to travel around India with a team of very talented product managers led by SAP Business Information Technology (BIT) Innovation Network. The purpose of the tour is to promote BIT's latest technologies such as BI, UI5 and Fiori, Gateway for Microsoft, SAP mobile platform and Portal to Indian partner community. This is my second time to India, and it is my first time to actually travel around the country from the west to the east. In three weeks, the team travelled from Bangalore to Pune, to Mumbai, to Kolkarta, to Hyderabad, then return to Bangalore. It was an amazing experience on this land of miracle and the land full of opportunities for the IT industries. India is a place full of colors, temples, plants, spices, arts, sweets, and people, very talented people.

(Pan view from 13th Floor Bangalore)

Our partners are really passion about SAP's technologies, the tour had attracted more than 1200 attendees from 12 partner companies around India - Cognizant, Deloitte, HCL, Mindtree, L&T InfoTech, NTT Data, Infosys, TCS, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, and Accenture.

(The team are ready to hit the road)

(Below is the scene of public Infoday in SAP Labs Bangalore)

I would not spend the time here to describe the detail of the Infoday. If you are interested, you could go to SAP PartnerEdge BIT partner page to view the consolidated slides that we presented during the tour. You do need to be SAP partnerEdge member to view the page. Or you could go to our Gateway for Microsoft facebook page to see more pictures.

Throughout the tour, I had been trying different ways to help partner attendees relate themselves to SAP BIT technologies, specifically on Gateway and Gateway for Microsoft. The latter is the new interoperability framework to surface SAP data on different Microsoft UI applications, such as Outlook, Excel, or any Visual C# apps. In a similar manner, I will give it a try here.

After visiting Pune, we were on our way driving from Pune to Mumbai in early evening. We were extremely happy when we spotted a McDonald's restaurant at a road side food plaza. To be honest, I am not a big fan of burger. But after a week of real spicy Indian food (by the way, the Indian food in India is much more spicy than those in California :smile: ), this is real good news to my stomach. I could also see the excitment of colleagues from US and Canada.

(Team stopped by McDonald's on the way to Mumbai)

But to our amazement, we soon found out the burgers in Indian McDonald's are very different from those in the US. I am sure the McPANEERs are very tasty, and the McSPICYs are quite spicy as well. This is simply because different people have different taste. Likewise in Beijing China, you might find a burger with Peking duck.

(Indian version of McDonald's menu)

That is exactly the point I want to make here. Different people have different flavor on how they consume SAP data, just like they consume food. Some users prefer to view data on their mobile devices, some prefer to use them in desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, some like to use data in the cloud, or some still prefer on-premise. To enable that multiple channels consuming SAP, the answer is Gateway, specifically for Microsoft, the answer is SAP Gateway for Microsoft. With that, you could comfortably get and sync your SAP data from your many familiar Microsoft user application environment. If I get you excited, simply follow the link here to get more detail about SAP Gateway for Microsft.

This is a trip full of passion. I could feel that from the many warm welcome, the many participation, and the many great questions raised from our partners. I could equally feel that from our BIT colleagues traveling with me, the many creative ways of presenting SAP technologies, the commitment to enable our partners, and the desire to drive innovations.

See the Infoday summary blog from our BIT colleagues.

We don't innovate alone, we innovate together with our partners! Goodbye India, we will certainly come back next year!

(Beautiful view of India landscape )