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It has been a while now since I was last active in the SAP Community. My last blog from June last year had the title Every end is a new beginning: SAP EA Explorer to be discontinued in July 2018, and contained the following statement:
“By way of closing this blog, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who supported this project, either with content or with feedback. And I also want to thank all of our users for their amazing support and interest throughout the course of the project. I would be delighted if you would continue to follow me as I embark on my new adventure with “MyHome”.”

It’s now time to reveal what I've been up to since last June, and this starts with the real name behind what I previously called MyHome.


SAP for Me is on the horizon


For those of you who know me, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m still deeply devoted to serving our customers with insight, knowledge and content. Well here it is: SAP for Me.

SAP for Me is a new customer portal for our customers, and its vision is to become the digital companion of anybody who has any kind of interaction with SAP.

You might now be thinking “What, yet another SAP customer portal?”. I can assure you though that this will be something quite different altogether. To begin with, it has nothing at all in common with and has no intention of being a product marketing portal. Neither does it focus on selling SAP products, so it is also not a new SAP store.

Quite to the contrary in fact, SAP for Me is about what you have already purchased from SAP. It provides an overview of your SAP product portfolio and draws together information that was previously scattered across numerous digital SAP information sources. It even draws in information that SAP didn’t previously share digitally.

To do this, it will incorporate the semantic thinking that I established back in my previous Explorer project, which was the heart and - from my perspective – the most valuable aspect of the Explorer back then. So again, it is about connecting the dots and enabling a user-friendly experience and exploration. The attached graphic provides a first impression of the kind of data we are going to start with.

What's more, SAP for Me is the face of a bigger transformation taking place at SAP, with the aim of centralizing and aligning data. One interesting example of this is an aligned usage of product names across all digital SAP sources. I'll focus on this in more detail in an upcoming blog.


The target group of SAP for Me


I mentioned before that SAP for Me will be for anybody who interacts with SAP. To be clearer, this is the vision I have for this project once it reaches fruition.

We actually want to start by focusing on the customer’s leading roles. Why is this? Because they have the greatest need for overarching information, are interested in the data starting from the initial product purchases, and are most likely to be searching for end-to-end guidance leading them to make informed decisions that positively influence their business.

Given its historically strong on premise-driven environment, SAP has built a huge number of digital information sources and tools, many of which are closely tailored to the needs of consultants, administrators, developers, support users, and business key users. People in leading roles have to struggle through all these sources in order to gather the information they need. They also have to connect the various strands of information on their own. SAP for Me seeks to put an end to this situation.

We are therefore focusing on those people who are designated by the customer when purchasing SAP products. We call these people the key contacts. In addition, we are focusing on the additional decision makers behind these key contacts, as they also have a strong relationship and interaction with SAP.

Later on, we want to extend this to others, right the way through to end users, as they too might have interactions with SAP, most likely through learning topics.


The scope of SAP for Me in more detail


Connecting the dots is one major step, while providing the right entry points into this network of information is the other. One fundamental part of SAP for Me is the Intelligent Home. This is the starting point for SAP for Me users. It provides the required entry points that are connected to the specific interests of its users. These entry points are reflected by cards. At the beginning, there is a product list card that lists all the customer's products as an entry point. Most users will find this useful, as it reflects information they already know, like the products that they use every day. For other leading roles, let’s say with a financial background, there are cards reflecting the sales orders related to the purchased products or consumption metrics that provide a view of the consumption of existing licenses. A learning expert could start with the “learning status in my company” card and continue exploring from there. The Intelligent Home thus constitutes an interesting component of SAP for Me in its own right, and will grow over time, providing more entry points giving guidance and even making recommendations.

Besides the Intelligent Home, the most relevant area for now is the Product Detail Page. Starting from the product list card I mentioned before, you can delve deeper into a product and find precisely the context-driven content I mentioned when talking about connecting the dots. Depending on your authorizations, you can find details in the context of the individual product, such as the license, system or order perspective. You could find important contacts inside your company related to this product as well as SAP contacts who your company can call on. There is already much to explore and even more to come.

We have created a capability map that provides you with greater insight into the detailed features and data types of SAP for Me. We will continuously extend this capability map, thus ensuring that it always reflects the current functional scope.


What you need to start with SAP for Me


As I mentioned authorizations, you might be wondering how to access SAP for Me. All you need to start is an S-User. SAP for Me will show you as much as possible. If you do not have particular authorizations, SAP for Me will notify you and – if possible –connect you with your super admins so that you can obtain the missing authorizations from them.


We will begin with an open beta


SAP for Me provides context-driven information based on a quite complex environment of data. With customers of all sizes and complexities, it is obvious that a new approach like with SAP for Me requires extensive testing and feedback.

We had to make the decision to wait longer and keep SAP for Me exclusively for a selection of customers. At the same time, we wanted to gather as much constructive feedback as possible, to detect any obstacles in our path, and to improve quickly. We are therefore making SAP for Me available as part of an “open beta” approach.

The open beta will be started with SAPPPHIRENOW 19 and will basically allow all customers to test and use it. For technical reasons, we will have phases in the background that control access to SAP for Me. If we discover any unplanned side effects, for example ones that impact the performance of SAP for Me, we might occasionally have to limit access for newly incoming users.


The transformation has only just started


There is so much to tell, and so much more still to come. I’m really excited to share this with you and hope that you will love SAP for Me. If not immediately, then definitively soon.

SAP for Me is a transformation story about how our customers can consume information, build decisions on the basis of this information, and translate this into action. Of course, not everything will be in place right from the start. And not all of it will be 100% perfect. But we are determined to make this happen and are confident that your feedback will help us turn SAP for Me into a great success.

Remember: SAP for Me is made for you!

Looking forward to seeing your feedback. Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon.

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Jürgen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner of SAP for Me

Twitter: @JJComment