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When I was at the tender age of, oh, twelve, my father brought home a TRS-80 Model 1 computer- with external tape drive- and my interest in Legos was superseded. 

At roughly the same time I took on the local newspaper route.  I failed miserably at this for a good two years, delivering on-time and with a smile, but was far too timid to ring that doorbell and collect payment for my product and services.

Some fifteen years later, as a software salesman who met with people on time and explained my products with a smile, I was still far too timid to consistently collect.  I just wasn’t much of a closer.   I’d like to thank my employer at that time for recognizing my core talents and recommending I do the fun part of the job - the discovery and the problem solving and the demonstrating and the positioning - and let someone else close the business.

Could I? Please?

So here we are, another fifteen years on, experienced and successful and reveling in the joy of the stage that the Solution Engineering role brings.  With SAP, you gain exposure to businesses large and small, customer contacts from end user to corporate executives, and across industries from medical equipment, professional services, retail, consumer products, high tech electronics.  What an opportunity.

Join me, won't you, as I ponder the value SAP solutions in the customer space- Sales, Marketing, Service, and the channels through which they're executed - and how different industries and clients can learn from each other.