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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The best market research involves talking to customers one on one. The best place to do that is at one of the technology industry’s premier conferences, SAPPHIRE NOW, in Orlando, Florida. One of the major topics at this year’s event was cloud computing and how it can improve business intelligence.

According to Richard Campitelli, SVP of CRM services at SAP, many customers really do not understand what’s different about a cloud project versus a traditional project. In a video from the show floor, Campitelli details the pertinent distinctions that must be made clear to customers:

  • Engagement model – You should start with the end in mind, considering how the project will look when it’s finished, rather than just how to begin.
  • Methodology – The traditional waterfall method does not really fit a cloud solution. Cloud implementations require you to think in a more agile way and proactively engage users – creating a more intimate experience.
  • Customer journey – Deliver an experience that is totally unique and a solution in weeks instead of months. Speed innovation by helping customers quickly adopt valuable software that can transform their business.

Turn your business into a customer-centric operation

Customers are savvier and more discerning than ever before. Attract them by placing them at the center of your business strategy. Help your marketing and sales teams gain deep customer insight to deliver a highly personalized experience and set your business apart from the competition.

SAP Services can help you get the most out of our SAP Cloud for Customer solution, so your customer-facing teams can:

  • Learn the most important customer details
  • Shape every step of your customers’ journeys
  • Strengthen relationships to turn prospects into evangelists

Learn more about maximizing the impact of customer engagements by checking out session replays from SAPPHIRE NOW.