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On May 20, we have announced the move of all SAP Enterprise Support value maps to SAP Learning Hub. Now, 150 days later we would like to look back at the 5 key factors which drove success to our program on the new delivery platform and take the opportunity to thank all value map members for being part of this amazing journey.

Here is what stands behind the success of value maps powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy:

  • Every single hour an expert becomes a new member of our fast-growing community with already 2900+ users.

  • Value maps introduced more than 102 new learning paths on a variety of topics using new interactive formats and there is more to come, available 24x7!

  • Check out 1000+ knowledge articles and the number is growing every day with more expert blogs being published about latest updates, news, and industry trends.

  • More than 1300 frequently asked questions can be accessed at any time or you can ask directly our SAP experts or industry peers for advice.

  • All 11 SAP Enterprise Support value maps covering 23 topics and supported by experienced program members are successfully up and running on SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support making it 92% easier for you to register and access them in one single place.

If you are not a member by now, don’t miss out to sign up for SAP Enterprise Support value maps by requesting access to SAP Learning Hub and benefit from all of the above. Join directly our SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps Learning Room if you already have access to SAP Learning Hub, Enterprise Support Edition.

Start your journey today, our SAP Enterprise Support value maps team is there waiting for you - ready to connect, engage and empower.