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Developer Advocate
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I am constantly blogging in my usual blogs on SCN's Mobile section, about the benefits of Mobile with regard enabling your Information Workers as well as B2C, through Innovative Mobile Apps. So I thought I would highlight a few sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid that will expand on these subjects.

Firstly look at session 'MB4590 - Innovate with Mobile Solutions to Connect Workers and Customers' where you will see how mobile technology helps provide your field service employees, contractors, and customers with a mobile experience tailored to their roles. You will be able to learn how mobile solutions from SAP and our partners helped one customer address expansion needs and become more efficient.

Secondly session 'MB4489 - Increase Employee Productivity and Consumer Loyalty with a Mobile Platform' will dig a little deeper and show how to develop Mobile Apps for your enterprise, partners, and customers on one platform and eliminate the challenges of app development for multiple stakeholders. It will also cover experiences with peers on developing, deploying, and supporting consumer and business mobile apps.

If you want to know about mCommerce, mPayment & mRemittance and the benefits of a mobile economy then get yourself along to session 'MB4565 - Get Ahead with the Next Generation of Mobile Banking and Payments'.

The final two sessions will show in action, some innovative Mobile Apps built by SAP and our partners. Make sure you check out sessions 'MB4726 - See Innovative Mobile Commerce Solutions' & 'MB4523 - Experience Developer Innovation with Five Cool Mobile Apps'.

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