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A primary focus of SAP’s Chief Customer Office (CCO) is to help SAP’s cloud customers be successful.  In 2013, the CCO formed the Cloud Ambassador Team.

The Cloud Ambassador Program mitigates risk.  Think of the team like this... a child is bowling on a bowling alley and there are bumper guards preventing the bowling ball from going in the gutter.  The Cloud Ambassadors protect the customers from going off track in their implementation. The Cloud Ambassador will either meet with the customer weekly, biweekly or monthly depending where the customer is in their life cycle.  The Cloud Ambassador will share with the customer what to do during the implementation and what not to do.  This guidance comes from experience with hundreds of customers. If the customer is using a partner, it is recommended that the partner join the meeting.

The Cloud Ambassador Team is currently offering four proactive Programs:

  1. Cloud Readiness Guide for SAP SuccessFactors or SAP Ariba – ½ day workshop on how to navigate support, operations and key resources that will benefit your project.
  2. Proactive Cycle Care – A Cloud Ambassador will document the key activities and milestones in a cycle you are doing through a cloud product (Ex. include compensation or performance reviews).  These milestones and key activities will be reviewed for accuracy and shared with the appropriate group inside SAP for proactive monitoring.  Periodic meetings will be setup to make sure the cycle is tracking on schedule and see what help is needed from SAP.
  3. Digital Workforce Transformation – An engagement to provide customers a customized plan to transform their Human Resource (HR) systems.  The Cloud Ambassador Team will deliver a customized roadmap, business case and investment summary that aligns to the Chief Human Resource Officer’s (CHRO) vision so the CHRO can take immediate action.  A modern HR system will increase employee satisfaction and save money.
  4. Cloud Suite Integration - A comprehensive presentation that provides details on integration for SAP Cloud Products. After the baseline presentation, quarterly updates will be provided.

If you have engaged a Cloud Ambassador, please share your thoughts.  If you think your company could benefit from a Cloud Ambassador, please contact me directly @ .  For more information that can help your company, please follow me @SAPChampions .

About the SAP’s Chief Customer Office:

The Chief Customer Office’s mission is to help SAP’s customers achieve success.

The team averages 18 years of SAP experience.  When SAP started the CCO, the team was 99% reactive. Now the CCO is 73% proactive and typically gets involved before the implementation starts.

All programs the CCO provides SAP’s customers are at NO CHARGE. The one criteria for engagement is that we have a cadence with the customer executive (CIO or LOB leader).