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At SAP Denmark we just ended a very successful SAP InnoJam for 40 partners, students and customers.

30 hour nonstop SAP InnoJam session with 40 participants who worked dedicated day and night on a given challenge under the theme "Life Long Learning".
Using the Design Thinking approach they came up with new concepts for solutions and then it was time for the actual coding with our newest technology to
produce a live running prototype.

After 30 hours it was HANDS OFF and we went to Tivoli Congress Center and the big scene. Participants stressed, exited and  tightly united into one strong team. All wanted badly to have produced the most innovative, most viable and most desirable application. Each presented their result at SAP Innovation Forum Copenhagen in front of 500 participants; 6 minutes, no slides just a live running solution.

It’s amazing what the teams had obtained. A full concept and live running solution that was not there 30 hours earlier! Neither had the team ever meet before.

Congratulation to the winning Team WeTeach who demonstrated the most innovative solution to support differentiated education at schools!

Med venlig hilsen / Best


Gitte Winther Bruhn

Customer Innovation Principal I Solution Management 

SAP Nordic & Baltic States I Lautrupsgade 11 I 2100 Copenhagen I Denmark

T +45 3913 3386 I M +45 2923 3386 I