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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The only certainty in today’s workplace is change, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Technology continues to evolve at warp speed. The employee demographic is quickly skewing younger as millennials begin overtaking 50% of the workforce by 2020 and bringing along their affinity for digital technology and desire for a balanced life. The emergence of contingent workers is fast creating a more diverse and global workforce. And entry into the worldwide marketplace – no matter the business’ size or industry – is accelerating.

How can HR organizations stay ahead of these changes while preparing for the future of work?

By taking advantage of the interconnectedness enabled by the digital economy, HR organizations can take proactive steps to adapt work practices to their employees’ evolving values, expectations, and needs. Consider social collaboration, for example. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, companies can increase the productivity of knowledge workers by as much as 25% once the technology is ingrained in management practices and organizational behavior.

By adopting technology powered by the digital economy, businesses can become fully networked – both in a technical and behavioral sense – to support an increasingly diverse, global, and tech-savvy workforce. But even better, technology can improve your business performance through greater employee engagement, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and promotes future growth.

Think preparing for the Future of Work is complex? Cloud services from SAP can ease the transition.

Cloud services from SAP are helping businesses worldwide prepare for the future of work. We focus on each business’ unique needs and remove complexity as a barrier to success. Doing so enables our customers to seize the full potential of the digital economy – without losing the value of their legacy systems and without disruption.

How do we do it? Check out these sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW to find out three ways you can successfully answer the needs of your future workforce.

Achieve Quick and Seamless Integration Between Cloud and On-Premise HR Solutions
Accelerate the potential of your core HR and talent processes in the cloud. Learn about the different hybrid deployment scenarios. If you already have the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution as part of your HR arsenal of technology, explore SAP Rapid Deployment solutions that can help you capitalize on that investment as you transition to the cloud.

Accelerate Time to Value by Engaging Global Services to Implement Core HR Solutions
Discover how businesses of all sizes and industries are realizing the true value of their core HR solutions – quickly. Hear firsthand accounts of lessons learned and how you can support your organization by getting access to the same assets they used.

Visualize the Digital Economy
Explore the power of business networks by using innovative visualization. Hear insights from David McCandless – author, data journalist, and information designer whose blog and best-selling books are dedicated to visualizing ideas, issues, knowledge, and data. Discover novel patterns and stories for embracing the digital economy.

Ready to embrace the digital economy and its promises for the future of work? Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to discover how you can achieve this transformation without disruption.