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Developer Advocate

At the beginning of the New Year 2015 we had a big technosplash in Wrocław: activists-driven GeekWeekWro! During one week we had 13 different meetups: from fans of different programming languages to Women in Technology and TEDxSalon. It was a great opportunity as well to get together for our Wrocław's SAP community and to open our doors to folks from outside of SAP ecosystem.

Thanks to our friends from IdeaPlace we huddled in their co-working space located in the very heart of the city center on the evening of Friday 13th (spooky!!). Nothing horrible happened though, quite the opposite - we had a great time (IMHO :wink: )!!

The topic of the meeting was ... meetings, ie. what are all the different ways to learn SAP technologies not only through the formal education, but as well in a hands-on manner or from each other. To put a bit of order, let me list major options once again. Unfortunately not all of them are well known to masses, so here they are:

  1. SAP TechEd is SAP premier technology conference, which focuses on learning, live coding and collaboration opportunities, new tools, and training. But even if you haven't had a chance to participate in it - not everything is lost! Keynote and technical sessions are recorded and replays are available via
  2. Usually at SAP TechEd we have as well co-located SAP InnoJams, which are non-stop 36-hours hackathons, where you have a chance to mingle with a diverse group of experts and developers while building solutions for real life situations using newest SAP technologies. Outside of TechEd conferences SAP InnoJams are also organized by communities and University Alliances. If you are a student then you should be interested at InnoJam@CeBIT, which still accepts applications for two more weeks! Go to SAP InnoJam: Our Ultimate Coding Challenge for Students | SAP CeBIT 2015 to register.
  3. Another great way to meet face to face with SAP experts and your fellow community members are SAP CodeJam events - one day hands-on coding exercises in a chosen technology. You just request SAP to organize this workshop, while you will be hosting it. The list of available workshops and a process to request SAP CodeJam is available here: Hosting an SAP CodeJam Event.
  4. The good news is that SAP CodeJams gone virtual too, and the nearest will take place in just a few days on February 3: Mark your Calendars- Virtual SAP CodeJam Episode 002 Takes Place on February 3rd.
  5. Even better news: there are open online courses available from SAP delivered via MOOC concept at openSAP. From learning high-performance data processing with HANA to starting cloud apps development with HANA Cloud Platform to managing SAP BI Platform - all this knowledge is there, allowing you to learn on your own pace, and it is free!
  6. What can be more rewarding than sharing your knowledge and more enjoyable than learning from your peers? That's the idea of SAP Inside Tracks - unconference-style community-driven events around the globe. We would like to have one of Inside Tracks here in Wrocław in 2015 too 🙂

Our next Wrocław SAP Meetup is planned in the second half of February, and the topic will be around "SAP you may not know". Interested to participate? Please join us at and stay tuned!

-Vitaliy, aka @Sygyzmundovych