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On Nov. 24th afternoon, SAP Labs Xi’an Office welcomed 21 students of XJTU, NWPU and Xidian University, including 18 postgraduates and 3 undergraduates. As they will graduate in coming 2017, employment and career become their top priority concern.  SAP’s good reputation in career really attract them to come into SAP and have a close look.

Bob Zhang, the headmaster of SAP HANA DMS China, also the site manager of SAP Labs Xi’an welcomed the students and introduced what SAP is, how SAP developed in China and the basic information of Labs Xi’an.

Hubery Lu, senior development engineer, introduced SAP HANA Platform and the development part SAP Labs Xi’an team involved. Students listened carefully.
York Li, senior development engineer, the key person of innovation team of Xi’an,  introduced Design Thinking and explained how to use design thinking for innovation. Students listened with relish. Laughter came from time to time.

In the session face-to–face with alumni/alumna, we invited some employees who also graduated from the 3 universities to answer the questions of the students and communicate with them. Among them, Jun Zhang, Li Chen and Michael Li were the new employees within 1 year. As the freshmen in SAP, their personal experience and feelings about SAP could easily cause the resonance of the students. Their words made SAP vivid in the hearts of students immediately.  And the sharing from the old birds:  Zhao-yang Yu, Hubery Lu, York Li and Bob Zhang were their insights of life and work with many years’ working experience, which provided the good reference for students to make their decision on career.

In the end, Bob introduced the position posted currently, concerned job description and requirements , also answered the questions from the students.

After Open Day, students expressed their willingness to join SAP and looking forward to have the chance for next interview.  Sincerely hope them all goes well in the future career way. What they saw, heard and learned this afternoon could help them to go further.

Special thanks @ Richard Zhang, Josie Guan, York Li, Hubery Lu, Zhao-yang Yu, Michael Li, Li Chen and Jun Zhang for their great supports to this activity.

Written by Coco Li (Li Wen), Xi'an Site
Posted by Josie Guan, University Alliances China