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Ok, quick question - what is this:

CeBIT. 100 students from all around the world. Some coaches and experts. Almost 48 hours time. Enough food and drinks. And a lot of FUN?

No, it is not the CeBit spring break but the SAP InnoJam at CeBIT where we invited 100 students from all around the world and really diverse backgrounds ands skillsets. Goal was to work on 4 different challenges around social businesses like: How can we motivate people for a sustainable meat consumption? How can we encourage volunteers to give feedback about their work and inspire others to join? How can we improve the transparency for IT donations both for the donators and the NGOs getting the software or hardware?

And before we started to build first solutions using latest (SAP) technologies like SAP Hana, SAPUI5 or SAP Cloud we spent one Design Thinking day to first frame the problem better, to talk to the users to understand their needs and to create ideas and some first tangiable prototypes to get early feedback.

We did this in 10 (for sure inter-disciplinary) teams running in parallel: Timeboxed and energized, very well moderated and guided by Design Thinking coaches from SAP´s Design Thinking community.

And then it was time for coding all night long. Let´s see the results in the afternoon :cool: