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标准系统里对于采购订单, 是没有对于公司代码的权限对象的.


M_BEST_BSA      采购订单中的凭证类型

M_BEST_EKG      采购订单中的采购组

M_BEST_EKO     采购订单中的采购组织

M_BEST_WRK    采购订单中的工厂

470版本, BAdI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST可以用于检验对于采购订单额外的权限对象.

Is it possible to have additional authorization set up for company code when creating purchase order?

Unfortunately, there is no standard authorization object to check the company code.

The following authorization objects are validated in the Enjoy PO T-codes:

- M_BEST_BSA (document type in PO)

- M_BEST_EKG (purchasing group in PO)

- M_BEST_EKO (purchasing organization in PO)

- M_BEST_WRK (plant in PO)

As of release 470, BAdI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST can be used for checking additional authorization objects.