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SAP BPC’s EPM Add-In is what delivers the BPC user interface to the Microsoft suite of products. This means that users of BPC can open up MS Exel, and connect to SAP BPC via the EPM Add-In.

This is just brilliant, because it allows our target audience – the finance community – to leverage their Excel skills when working on BPC. A harmonious relationship indeed!Not to mention a key attribute of the product which accountants adorn with praise.

The problem comes in with the fact that we are now introducing 2 software vendors into the mix. SAP, representing BPC and of course Microsoft, representing Excel.

Several customers have called, panic stricken, describing an issue I see too often. It goes something like this:

“Yesterday, my EPM Add-In was working just fine, today, certain buttons and features are not working or ‘greyed’ out”

This can usually be attributed to Microsoft releasing updates for their software. These updates would have run in the background, unbeknownst to most users. The basis or IT team sometimes even send batch updates to the group on computers on the same network.

This is what breaks your SAP BPC EPM Add-In. There is hope, as SAP are quick to react and this is the resolution to this latest occurrence:

SAP Note 2107965 best describes symptoms, caveat – this does require an S-number to access.

However, following the open MS note, here is the targeted fix.

Yours in troubleshooting,


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