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Over time I had come across some issues related to XML Localization Interchange File Format (hence forth referred to as “.xlf”) maintenance in a NWDI environment. And I have seen most of my juniors breaking their heads to resolve those issues which are quite simple. Hence this blog goes to them.

Tip No. 1

While making changes to .xlf files and check out the file from Design Time Repository (DTR). You might change the translations in the file and check in the activity thinking the file already there in the activity. When it gets transported to Test environment, you may not find the changes which you may have done. Reason been when you checkout the file, due to slow network connection to DTR it may be properly updating in DTR. So tip here would be to always use the option force upload for .xlf files. Only then, check in the activity. 

Tip No. 2

Whenever you make any change to any .xlf file always make sure to use the option I18N Tools->Create Properties File so that the existing property file is updated with the changes for sure. The reason why I would say to follow this step as for any reason .xlf file gets deleted; you can also go to this properties file and use the option I18N Tools->Run S2X Tool. This will restore your .xlf file. 

Tip No. 3

While making changes to .xlf file, if you want to edit it in a fast then use text editor rather than S2X editor. This would be of great help when you want to copy multiple translations from default .xlf file to other .xlf file during maintenance.