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For information about infopath eforms, please refer to the link below

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Being capable of sending and receiving  an  email  as Microsoft info form, will help an organization to  do business to business communication  with smaller business partners( who do not have servers capable of processing xml messages) , all they  need is Microsoft outlook with infopath addin  installed. There is extra license that needs to be purchased (if you compare with adobe eforms, it is a pretty cost effective solution.)

The content of the eform can be any business document such as invoice, order etc.

Here’s the sequence of steps that needs to be followed to achieve the above mentioned objective

For sending an eform from PI/XI (outbound to SAP XI)

Outbound Scenario:

1)      design a  infopath eform  based  on the  xml schema of the inbound or outbound message( using  infopath eform designer)

eform will be saved as an .XSN file (this file needs be  specified as an attachment in the email) . A sample xml file  depicting the content of the eform  can also be saved.The outbound xml file from the XI should match the sample xml file in terms of namespaces  and version information.

2)      In receiver  mail adapter choose the message protocol as ““XIPAYLOAD” with “Mail Package”. For information  regarding mail package,  refer  to the following link

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