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Like every school in the country, my daughter's school has several fund-raisers every year. But the biggest event is the Ladies Basket Raffle.  The mom's spend several months gathering donations and putting together hundreds of baskets filled with goodies that you use auction tickets to try and win.  Two years ago, the school technology committee used a laptop, LCD projector and Excel to put the winning numbers up on the side wall of the gym.  Apparently, this was a first and the attendees loved it.  So this past year, I decided to kick it up a notch!  I thought- why not use Xcelsius to create a display dashboard?

Due to the time constraints that life imposes, I really never got a chance to start the new and improved Basket Raffle Dashboard until a day or two before the event.  But this just shows you the power of Xcelsius to deliver results quickly!  I designed and built this dashboard in about 90 minutes.

It really is just a simple use of Xcelsius.  The real hit of the dashboard is the 50/50 thermometer!  Using Donald MacCormick's XProgressImage component (part of the Xcomponent suite), I was able to create the thermometer visualization that highlighted when our 50/50 raffle proceeds were over a certain threshold.  The 50/50 amount also scrolled along the top and really helped build a level of excitement and get people to keep buying 50/50 tickets!  In the center was a large number that displayed the current winning ticket.  The ticket and 50/50 numbers were entered in the small label/text entry boxes at the bottom of the dashboard. 

The feedback was great.  Everyone especially loved having easy viewing of the 50/50 amounts!  Data entry was a breeze, too.  And that meant that I could take a break during the drawings to get myself a snack and some drinks, while someone else entered the numbers!!  Hopefully next year, I'll be able to clean up the design, make the center numbers even bigger and find a way to save the last few numbers entered.  This way, if someone has a question, we have a record of the last few winning auction numbers.

Now, I am in NO way a graphic designer.  But this simple dashboard, built in around 90 minutes, is a great example of the flexibility and power of Xcelsius/SAP Dashboard/SAP Dashboard Designer.  So let your creativity show!  And if you're lucky, maybe you can put that creativity to use and help a good cause.  I did and was part of a team that helped raised over $30,000 to help Sacred Heart School!


Online version can be found here.  If anyone would like the actual xlf, let me know!!