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After we took you on a short ride through the yet-to-be-ready-show-floor on Monday with Mark Yolton, SAPPHIRE NOW has actually started. WOW. What a show. This is my first time attending SAPPHIRE and this is amazing! Seeing this huge show floor, the amount of attendees and the knowledge shared in the sessions makes me realize just how wide SAP reaches in various industries and how many lives it is actually touching. The extend of the show becomes clear when Bill McDermott announces that we have 20.000 people live here in Orlando and 80.000 that are connected  online through the live streams or via social media. By the way if you have missed the keynote this morning you can check out the replay here.

Back to my recap of day one though: As I said, Co-CEO Bill McDermott kicked off the show with a great keynote in the morning introducing SAP’s new and 25th industry: Sports and Entertainment. I, myself, am a big sports fan and from a fan perspective I think the value SAP brings to the consumer experience live and virtually is fantastic. The keynote this morning featured a great customer panel in a sports studio like atmosphere with fantastic SAP customers like Under Amour, NBA and the San Francisco 49ers. I am super excited about this road SAP is heading down.

Database & Technology Campus

Later we met Steve Lucas at our the Database & Technology Campus. He tells us about his experience on the show floor and shares his thoughts on his big data panel with McLaren, HSE24 and “The Human Face of Big Data” author Rick Smolan. Watch it here.

We also got a chance to talk to Stuart Burrill, CIO of McLaren Group Ltd, about his experience working with SAP HANA and how real-time analytics is critical in predicting the probability of the outcome of car races. Watch it here.

Another highlight on Monday was definitively that Hasso and Vishal crossed through the show floor. But don’t worry that’s not all…today is going to be even more exciting…we have Startups, the HANA discovery area with HANA One the recently launched SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and much more. Come and stop by our campus today!