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The World and It's amazing mysteries have been always amusing ,vibrant and a matter of admiration. The intellectuals across the world have created and are still creating various technologies,languages.They are gifts to the world probably always in a mission to transform the life and making it vivacious in several ways...through the means of Technology.

                           So is one of the domain (or World) "Business Intelligence" which has knocked the doors of my life and is guiding me towards an adventurous journey through SAP.

                          Business Intelligence encompasses various things,however to summarize(in Layman's language):

                                  Reporting tools

                                  ETL tools


                                  Programming language.

    Although I am a newbie..and have just learnt to say 'hello' to the world of SAP and Business Intelligence,but i cant stop myself from sharing the excitement of various technologies to which I am having an exposure.

                    Reporting tools:SAP-BOBJ -Webi,UDT,IDT,Design Studio,Lumira and SAP-BEX

                    ETL Tools:-SAP BI/BW, SAP BODS

                    Datawarehouse: -SAP BI/BW(which is a modelling tool as well)

                    Programming Language:-ABAP

                                                                      Long live the technologies..................and its mission to transform lives.......

Thank You