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The approval process in Workflow can be determined by below configuration in SAP SRM:

Prerequisites for Workflow configuration:
  1. Organizational structure should have been created.
  2. Before assigning processors to standard tasks role profiles should be regenerated.


For Configuring Org Plan follow below path:

Menu path in the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG): Supplier Relationship Management → SRM Server → Cross-Application Basic Settings → Organizational Management → Create Organizational Plan.

For Configuring roles follow below path:

 Supplier Relationship Management → SRM Server → Cross-Application Basic Settings → Roles → Define Roles.

Procedure to regenerate role:
  • Enter the name of the role for which we want to regenerate profile.
  • Choose Change.
  • Choose Authorizations.
  • Choose Display Authorization data.
  • Choose Generate.
Once above steps are done Configure SAP Business Workflow in below path:

IMG): Supplier Relationship Management → SRM Server → Cross-Application Basic Settings →SAP Business Workflow → Maintain Standard Settings for SAP Business Workflow

For Detailed information on Workflows can be found in below path:

                Administration → SAP Business Workflow → Approval Workflows for Documents and Objects → Technical Information on Standard Workflow.

Dynamic workflow using BADI:

We can use BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI for Determining Approvers for n-Level Dynamic workflow.

By using BADI BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI we can determine number of levels in workflow process and number of approvers present at each step. The approvers and the requirement for further approval steps are determined before the first approval and after every subsequent approval step.

Therefore the workflow approval process can be changed based on every step instead of following same approval chain.


Use Method GET_REMAINING_APPROVERS for determining the approver.

Parameters present in method GET_REMAINING_APPROVERS and their significance are as below:

APPROVAL_TABLE   table parameter contains all the details of the approver along with line item ID.

ITEM_APPROVAL_TABLE table parameter contains all the line items and there approval objects.

ITEM_APPROVAL_OBJ table parameter contains the over all object ID linked to Individual line item ID.

By using above mentioned processes approval determination will happen in SAP SRM Workflows.