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If you're a SAP technologist that likes to avoid coding at all costs, then this post is for you! The best kept secrets about Web Dynpro for ABAP (WDA) development are the capabilities of the wizard. The first thing that I show you in this video tutorial is how to use the Service Call wizard to incorporate Function Modules and Class Methods into your application. Don't just copy-and-paste code from existing applications - that can get messy! Plus, using the wizard provides an array of advantages; my favorite is that the service call will build the context attributes for you!

In this tutorial we also use the Harry Potter wand (that's what it looks like to me) to automatically generate our UI AND even better...write our code for us! That's right, the wizard will generate the code on our behalf -- but let's keep that on the DL since we don't want our business users to think our job is too easy. 😉

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