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In my BIF contribution, I mentioned that my son nowadays does a large part of my contribution to SCN. laure.cetin found this out and while I feared that I‘d lose my topic leader status, what Laure did is quite the opposite. Dedicated to SCN as she is (true inspiration) she handed me out this instead:

Certificate of Appreciation for Sebastian Hofmann, SCN Topic Leader 2012 in the category: Youngest Contributor.

I am such a proud dad! (even when Laure was not aware of it, but that was a really cool birthday present she gave me).

Now, before you start thinking that we are making jokes about the Topic Leader status: au contraire. This is a really amazing example why I am active on SCN and what keeps me continuing contributing: we are a community. With community, I mean community and not an online site. It is not as if I have weekly meetings with Laure. In fact, this is the second time in 2 years that I have met her in person. SCN is the glue that bring people from the SAP ecosystem together. It is not only for getting answers for SAP related questions; here you can make friends and connections that go way beyond business. Members know each other, we respect each other, and we laugh together. That is what I love about this unique community. We create it; we are SCN.