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What year 2011 gave to SDN/SCN?

Slowly it is becoming tradition that every year I summarizing all the changes that happened on SCN on last year. I started with 2009and 2010changes. So what year 2011 gave to SDN or SCN?


1.    Mobile version of weblogs: So called “mobile SCN” or “pocket-size SCN”. Accessing of weblogs optimized for mobile devices (e.g. smartphone) is available via It appeared approximately in March. See introduction article in


2.    Business ByDesign content area – new area under BPX community’s Solutions dedicated to Business ByDesign is available SAP Business ByDesign.


3.    Mobile content area –Appeared in middle of Nov 2011 area for mobile platforms and applications is here. Mostly about SAP Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and solutions like Afaria


4.    Elearning content area – So called Elearning by topic/product/industry is available here here.


5.    Mentor's Quarterly (SAPMQ) – Even this started in fact already in 2010 I just list it here. Issue no. 1 in 2010, Quarter 1 2011, Quarter 2 2011, Quarter 3 2011, Quarter 4 2011. To monitor all future posts watch following thread in forums: First Mentors Quarterly is out! or this wiki.


6.    BusinessObjects Community re-lunch as Business Analytics Community.


7.   New SCN Platform based on JIVE Engage (also known as SBS (Social Business Software) 5.0. This was/still is the biggest current SCN initiative. It was supposed to be delivered by mark.yolton/blog/2011/08/11/behind-the-scenes-of-the-new-sap-community-networkhowever it was mark.yolton/blog/2011/12/09/the-new-scn--launch-now-planned-for-early-2012(mark.yolton/blog/2011/12/10/the-new-scn-an-update-on-our-delayed-release) to beginning of 2012. Earlier on last year I listed the Things that drive me crazy on SDN and majority of them will be hopefully dismissed by new SCN platform. So as a small sneak peek preview I list below few new features of new upcoming SCN:

a.    New SCN in nutshell – see thiswiki, this Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network ... Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!or intro article in


b.    New forums – “spaces” – means small, self-contained communities focused on topic/SAP product/industry. More info keith.elliott/blog/2011/11/02/finding-forums-fast-on-the-new-scn-150-don146t-get-lost-in-space.


c.    Content submission system changes - support lot of web browsers


d.    Global Create Button – enabling to create content seamlessly. Introduced SCN Tip in a Minute: The Global Create Button.


e.    For rest of new SCN’s platform features see videos posted by user SAPCommunities.


f.     To get overview how current/old SCN will be migrated to new one see this Migrating SCN Blog Functionality in 2011 and Moving to Jive - New Submission Process for Articles and Media Items from the community.


8.    SAPtausch - Exchange Program for SAP Professionals – Last not least J this one even started in 2009 but somehow I missed it so I list it arrear here. It is kind of wife swap just wives are replaced by consultants. See details here.


Looking forward to see more collaboration and engagements from all of us in 2012!